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Elite Asia (HK) offers professional translation, transcription, copywriting, desktop publishing and print management services at a fee agreed by you prior to any work commencement. It is assumed that you as the buyer of the above said services have reviewed the quotation and clearly understood the deliverables before effecting actual purchase of said services. If you are unsure of the deliverables, please do not hesitate to seek clarifications from us before commissioning any of our services.

In view of the above said, Elite Asia (HK) designed this refund policy to keep you on the safe side, with our limited money-back guarantees. The service you are getting is subject to the translated document that Elite Asia (HK) transmitted to you via email, snail mail or facsimile. You will get a full refund upon your request if any of the following conditions is true:

  • Non – Delivery of Translations – due to circumstances the translation is not delivered to you after 2 working days from the promised dateline;

  • Translations not-as-required: – a request based on this reason is satisfied on a case-by-case basis. Example of a translation not-as-required scenario would be ELITE Asia sending you a translated document that is in the wrong target language.

  • Translations contain gross errors: – you are to first ask for revisions within the stipulated period to correct any errors found by indicating specifically in the translated document. If you are still unhappy with the translation result we will arrange a refund. If errors are spotted or revisions are requested after the stipulated period, it will not be eligible for any refund. Requests based on this reason are satisfied on a case-by-case basis.

In the event of any monetary refund, the return payment shall be for 100% of the value of the services provided less courier and handling costs, and only if the following actions/conditions have been completed/fulfilled within thirty days of submission of the first draft of the translated document:

  • •    The request for a refund is received by Elite Asia (HK), in writing (E-mail or snail mail); phone calls will not be sufficient. The request for a refund must include: Invoice #, date of commissioning, name of company under which the service was commissioned, name of person the invoice was billed to, the e-mail address used at the time of the commissioning of the required service and the manner in which the service was paid for, i.e., Credit Card, GIRO, Cheque, Cash, Money Order, Remittance, etc. You have clearly indicated where in the translated document you are unsatisfied with and did so within the stipulated revision period.

  • •    You have clearly indicated where in the translated document you are unsatisfied with and did so within the stipulated revision period.

  • •    You have clearly explained why any rectifications proposed by Elite would not be effective.

  • •    An undertaking that is endorsed by you and submitted to Elite Asia (HK) that clearly state that you will NOT use the translations delivered by Elite Asia (HK) in part or in whole for any personal, business and commercial purposes.

We are always ready to honor our guarantees. We try to investigate and process refunds within 5 business days of receipt of a refund request, but in rare cases refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process. Please send all refund requests to A reply will be sent to you after it has been determined if a refund is necessary. If it is determined that your refund request met all of the conditions stated above, we will notify you in writing on the manner of payment that will be used to refund the monies paid.

We at Elite Asia (HK) would like to assure all prospective clients and current clients that it will do its utmost best that would make this refund policy unnecessary. Find out how you too can join the many businesses and companies to extend your communication strategy by adopting a multi-lingual approach. Call us today at +852 5801 9888 for an obligation free proposal or via our web form to request for more information.

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