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Whether it be a brochure, a manual, a book or even text in images you need printed or distributed to an international audience, we are equipped to ensure the consistency of your layout across multiple languages with our multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services (also known as Typesetting Services.) With our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services, your content and images will follow a preset standard, ensuring your original message ‘look & feel’ is preserved and communicated consistently across various cultural markets.


You may already be using Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services whenever you translate a brochure, PDF and any other type of document with a predetermined layout or images. DTP is usually done during or post translation, ensuring the translated document look identical to the source document’s layout. Whenever we deliver a translation that has a formatted layout in the source document, we do not simply paste in the translated text in the original layout. As translated text usually expand (often by 30% in a sentence), it would look chaotic if no DTP work is carried out on it. In short, our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services would retain the original layout and formatting of the source document when we lay in the translated text, adjusting the layout carefully.

Before we begin on a translation project from you, we will advice you if any Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services are required and also the cost involved. Document with simple formatting that require minimum DTP work are usually done free of charge while document with extensive images or complex layout are charged on a per A4 page basis. We will also provide you the option to lay the translated text yourself through providing the translation in a bilingual table and thus help you save on your project cost. With this option, we ensure our clients would enjoy the most cost-effective rates when compared against other agencies.

As we are committed to provide our client quality Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services, we have put in place a process that ensures high DTP Quality . DTP related information such as our DTP Samples , DTP File Conversions and DTP Resources are readily available upon request. We can also assist you to print your final content with our Print Management Services (through working with our printing partners) and thus providing you a truly complete point-to-point service.

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services capabilities includes (but not limited to):

      •       Font compatibility checks

      •       Page layout and Formatting

      •       Proofreading of Post DTP artwork

      •       Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP

      •       Converting files to and from multiple formats (E.g. Illustrator to HTML)

      •       Press checks (Checking printed sample before mass printing is carried out)

      •       Web DTP in HTML, XML, SGML, FLASH and other online media formats.

Elite Asia (HK) can manage everything from DTP for print, to web, software GUI localization and other forms of multimedia platforms. For more information on our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services capabilities, feel free to drop us at note via our web form or call us at +852 5801 9888 and we will attend to you promptly.


The need for multilingual DESKTOP PUBLISHING (DTP) SERVICES of print ads, books, magazines or any other document with text and images for publishing has been on the rise together with the quickening pace of globalization and cross border trade. In your search for professional DESKTOP PUBLISHING (DTP) SERVICES in Hong Kong, you might want to take note that not all translation companies are equally capable in laying content that are not in their native language. For example, a translation company in India might not be adequately equipped to provide DTP services for Chinese content and likewise a China-based translation company would not be suitable to provide DTP for content in the Hindi language.

As you would like to save time and cost on translating your contents into multiple languages and keep the layout consistently formatted with each new language version, it is recommended that you provide an editable working file of the source document to the translator to use as a reference. Doing this would help you save time as it minimizes the revision rounds needed for an accurate copy.

Here in Elite Asia (HK), we take time to understand your DTP needs. We remain flexible in meeting very specific formatting needs and can deliver the final artwork in all major media formats. Whatever your DTP requirements are, call us at +852 5801 9888 or use our web form and we will stretch to support your brand image with consistent DTP quality.

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