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When you have regional or international meetings to attend and your business image is at stake, a first-rate interpreter is what you need. The significance of understanding your foreign counterparts in real time cannot be underestimated. It holds the key to a smooth and fruitful meeting.

At ELITE Interpreters Asia, our specialty lies in the translation and interpretation of Asian Languages including Japanese, Mandarin, Malay, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Tamil and more. We believe that a good interpreter adds to the credibility of a business. That’s why our professional services are lauded by clients worldwide. Our teams of trained and experienced conference interpreters are able to provide simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or whispering interpreting in a broad range of industries.

Our conference interpreters are astute and equipped with the necessary business sensitivities. They are able to hold their own in large-scale events with a multilingual audience.

For simultaneous interpretations, the quality of the interpreter is more crucial. Why? Because the interpretation is done at the same time the speaker is talking. In other words, there is no room for mistakes!

Besides engaging our interpreters, you can rent the simultaneous interpreting equipment from us. The equipment offers flexibility and convenience as it serves as a one-stop language service provider when you need mass interpretation.

Our expertise in navigating the myriad of cultures coupled with our comprehensive capabilities in languages propels us to the forefront of quality interpretation and translation. With our capabilities built with our clients in mind, find out how you can benefit from it by calling us at +852 5801 9888 or via our web form today.



As INTERPRETING SERVICES IN Hong Kong mature as a highly regarded professional service, it is inevitable that a few bad apples would attempt to make a few quick bucks by cutting corners and provide questionable translation services. Thus, we at Elite Interpreters Asia in Hong Kong would not take on projects that we are not confident in delivering with the quality required or is not qualified to take on. For more information on our translations capabilities, call us at +852 5801 9888 or use our web form .

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