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Translation is the first step towards converting your message from one language to another. However, a standard translation might not be effective in portraying the linguistic and cultural nuances of the target language. To accurately represent your brand in a foreign market, businesses should consider Transcreation Services over literal translations.

What is Transcreation?

Transcreation means ‘translating’ and ‘recreating’ the source text to a new language whilst making sure it is still in the context for which the original writer intended. The translator that is working on the transcreation project must clearly understand the desired outcome, and be given the freedom not only to translate the original but also to make the required changes to it in the process.

Why do you need Transcreation Services?

Translation involves the practice of a word-for-word meta-phrasing or paraphrasing of the source text. While translating may guarantee the linguistic accuracy, it does not convey the emotional essence of the original text. Transcreation takes the concept of the source language and recreates the content in another language to elicit the same emotional response from the audience while keeping in mind the cultural context at the same time.

For instance, McDonald's successful advertising campaign, "I'm Lovin' It", transcreated their tagline into languages worldwide. This iconic tagline that appears in another culture and language isn’t a literal translation, but a local variant with good rhythm.

When do you need Transcreation Services?
Transcreation should be considered whenever you want to preserve the emotional intent of your original content to bring out the same reaction in foreign markets.

Company profiles, taglines, advertisements etc. will require transcreation to create a localized version for your targeted audiences. Transcreation Services in Hong Kong may also be used for documents which are able to evoke people’s motivations and attitudes such as policies and training manuals. Transcreation does more than just convert words; it strongly connects with your intended audience.


For companies that desire to appear at the top of search engine organic results of a foreign market, transcreation must be a priority. Automatic translations using Google Translate tools must also be avoided at all cost.

For your brand to succeed in a foreign market, it is imperative for your website content is transcreated rather than just merely translating it. Ignoring the importance of transcreation may dampen your SEO strategy. In a worse case scenario, you will not be able to connect with your foreign market in their native language and could even potentially lose any organic rankings of your source content.

One of the most important thing to note in trans-creating a website is to emphasize the relevancy of your content to your target audience through creating high-quality pages that people want to visit and capture their attention for an extended period. Designing pages and meta descriptions to provide the right information for your audience will increase the click-through rates of your website from search engines. This will help search engines to calculate the relevance of your webpages and rank it at a higher position in search engine organic results. However, if users leave after a few seconds, search engines will consider your page contents as low quality or irrelevant. A low bounce rate will inform search engines that the quality and relevance of your pages are good. This is where Transcreation Services in Hong Kong can help provide authenticity to your source texts in a new language and give the right input to search engines. Thereby generating the higher online audience in the specific market you are in .

In ELITE Interpreters Hong Kong, Our diverse pool of professional linguists can provide Transcreation Services in Hong Kong that maintain the linguistic and cultural equivalence of the source material. Our professionals are aware of the cultural differences and are able to provide locale guidance in making cultural adjustments to the newly created text in the local language. To obtain an obligation free quotation, kindly call us at +852 5801 9888 or use our web form and we will attend to you promptly without delay.

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