ICO Whitepaper Translation Services in Hong Kong

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ICO Whitepaper Translation Services Hong Kong

Get Bullish On Growing Your Investor Pool

Preparing for Initial Coin Offering? ICOs are quickly transcending borders as they morph into powerful contenders in the future of investing. All cryptocurrency and blockchain companies embark on attracting and serving investors, influencers, and brokers all over the world.

China is too big of a market for any company to ignore. To expand market reach and attract investors from China, WeChat is the primary and main social media platform to start. ELITE ASIA ICO Whitepaper Translation and Digital Marketing services in Hong Kong help leading companies & startups create awareness and make their mark on the world stage.

Why Choose Us

   Our Expertise
Enables Businesses to
Take Flight across Asia
   Global Network
Over 4,000 Native
Speckers / Specialists
More Than 70
Language Pairings
Managed over 24,000 projects in
25 Countries
Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Banking
& Finance, Legal and more

What We Do

   Website Localisation    Whitepaper Translation    China Digital
Marketing - WeChat

Our Packages

ICO Whitepaper Translation Services Hong Kong
   Language List    English <> Russian
Bahasa Indonesian
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
   TEP Covered
   Translation, Editing & Proofreading
   Typesetting Covered    Yes
   Translator Background    Cryptocurrency & BlockChain
   3-Language Package
   6-Language Package

China Digital Marketing WeChat
   Account Set-Up & Verification    Yes
   WeChat Article    8 Articles / Month
   HTML5 Page Creation    2 / Quarter
   Advertising Flyer    4 / Quarter
   Content Distribution    4 Times / Month
   Site Development     WeChat Mini Site
    Committed Followers    10,000
   6-Months Package    

ELITE ASIA gears its Global Digital Marketing Solutions to win hearts, minds, and wallet share. Traditionally, marketing and localisation are managed by separate vendors with little synergy and limited collaboration across borders. With ICO Whitepaper Translation and Digital Marketing services in Hong Kong, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies can get the best of both worlds at competitive prices while seamlessly integrating their business goals. By planning and executing marketing campaigns across multiple channels and regions, ELITE ASIA’s clients make the most of their marketing dollars, capitalise on industry growth, and take their businesses further.

For any enquiries or quotations pertaining to ICO Whitepaper Translation Services in Hong Kong, Please feel free to call us at +852 5801 9888.

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